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Natural Stone Walls

                                                    Natural Stone Walls

Nothing is as beautiful, unique and striking as natural stone walls, and we have a wide collection to give you walls in marble, limestone, dolomite, granite and more, to orchestrate one-of-a-kind masterpieces in your bathroom, kitchen, or living room. For owners of high-end establishments, stone slab walls also add a sense of opulence to greet your guests.

Explore our collection for stunning options to realise the elegance of marble walls, limestone walls and more in your spaces.


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Art of Marble’s Fan Favourites (for Walls)

Our collection of slabs for interior stone walls is extensive, so it can be hard to choose from. That’s why we’re starting off with some of the most beloved choices for wall stones in our collection to help inspire your vision.

Marble Walls

Harness the raw and natural beauty of marble with the invigorating choices in our marble collection for your walls. You can easily find the iconic white base and grey veins that marble is renowned for, but marble also offers a lot of profoundly different and unique designs too. Marble can come with a coloured base or veins. Find regal emerald-green marble for stone walls with an art deco flair, or go for marble with pink and red veins for a bold sense of energy. Maybe try black marble walls for an industrial chic look. 

You can accomplish many different decors and styles with marble walls, especially with the right accents to finish off the look. Consider marble walls when you want to impress. 

Limestone Walls

Carrying some of the most earthy and natural characteristics of stone, limestone is a naturally classic beauty that rarely ever looks overstated. Making it a perfect choice for creating interior walls in a room with Parisian elegance, rustic farmhouse, renaissance-inspired charm, or sleek and contemporary style. You can find limestone in grey and beige, and in lightly brushed textures that make it a great building material for a soft and seamless appearance. 

Limestone walls invite a welcoming atmosphere in any room. Excellent as a choice anywhere you want to create a space that soothes; in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. 

Discover Our full Collection Of Natural Stone For Your Walls

On top of our collection of marble and limestone, we stock a wide range of slabs as a premium natural stone supplier:

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Start the journey to beautiful, bespoke stone walls by taking a look at our stone slabs for walls in our showroom. 

Contact our staff to book a guided tour, so we can help assist you in getting a closer look and answering all your questions in regards to our natural stone. Please let us know what you are looking for, as well as any products that have caught your eye, so we can prepare them for your arrival. 

New unique stone delivery every month!

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visit the showroom
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