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Forged through mineral deposits in hot springs and caves, travertine is a natural stone renowned for its strength, naturally porous and non-slip texture, and its often smooth undulating patterns. Travertine has been popular since ancient times, being the most prominent material in the imposing and colossal colosseum in Rome, it has now become a modern status symbol for luxury.

Art of Marble is the leading travertine supplier in Sydney. We are passionate about finding the highest quality natural travertine to help our esteemed clientele reach the full potential of their designs with travertine slabs that lead to beautiful results every time.

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Travertine's Variety of Uses

Travertine slabs bring a sense of freshness and softness anywhere they are installed. Travertine has a distinctive understated natural character that adds a refreshing note for light and airy modern decors.

Our collection of travertine slabs can be used to create beautiful and enduring walls, flooring, countertops, bathrooms, stairs, and fireplaces. Travertine’s durability and strength also lends itself well to stylish and practical outdoor use for dry, windy or rainy weather.

Travertine’s Advantages

There are many reasons why travertine is becoming one of the major natural stones of choice for modern interior design and landscaping:

  • Travertine can resist humidity and maintain a fresh environment.
  • Travertine is non-porous which makes it very durable. 
  • It is also resistant to high temperatures, making it able to withstand heat and even fire.
  • Travertine is easy to maintain and take care of. 
  • It is versatile and suitable for a range of applications - travertine slabs can be cut, shaped and finished to suit different design requirements. 
  • Its colours and textures are resistant to fading when exposed to UV rays for an overall finish that isn’t damaged by the passage of time.
  • Is a very sustainable material, owing to its natural origin.

Your Premium Travertine Supplier

Travertine is the best option when you’re looking for a timeless and elegant aesthetic to give your project a light contemporary finish. 

At Art Of Marble, we’re constantly searching for new quarries to source these natural masterpieces, and bring them to you. This is why our clientele regard us as their travertine supplier of choice when they are looking to buy travertine for sale.

Our knowledgeable team can help you find the best travertine slab or natural stone for your project. So please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us and book a visit at our showroom in Moorebank, Sydney.

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