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Limestone is an exceptional sedimentary stone. Limestone brings depth and soft rolling textures to any living space, adding timeless coastal beauty. It is Formed by gentle waves moving ancient ocean sediment in calm and shallow waters.

Made mostly of calcite, this stone works perfectly in a lot of applications as it is hardwearing, dense, and can be cut to different sizes and finishes. This makes it the ideal fit for the decor of your living spaces, both indoors and outside.

Art Of Marble is the premier limestone supplier in Sydney, bringing a touch of classic elegance with its selection. 

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Limestone’s Uses

By using limestone in construction and design, homeowners can add natural style, durability, and character to their homes or projects.

From its ancient origins to its modern-day designs, limestone has stood out for its elegance across cultures around the world. By incorporating limestone slabs into home and project designs, you can create beautiful and enduring results. 

Whether it's for limestone flooring in entryways, benchtops in kitchens and bathrooms, vanity and basin installations, or outdoor walls and cladding, the sophistication and sturdiness of this natural stone can create a striking impact that will endure over time.

Its in-depth textures as a natural material mean every limestone slab will be unique and have its own character. Choose the stone that resonates with your personality and style to express your individuality in everything from staircases and benchtops to mantels and more.

Our selection offers finishes such as polished and honed (matte), to provide a variety of looks to find a style that will work best for your project.

Limestone’s Benefits:

Using Limestone in construction projects offers multiple benefits, as  listed below: 

  • Limestone is a strong and durable natural stone.
  • It can be easily cleaned with water and mild detergent. We recommend applying a sealer to protect the Limestone from stains.
    (*It's important to note that some types of limestone may be a bit more delicate and require some care. You can ask our team to learn more about what care is required for a limestone slab if you have any concerns while looking; either through our showroom, phone, or email. )
  • Limestone works as a natural insulator to help moderate the temperature in a building. 
  • Limestone flooring and walls are an eco-friendly choice - as it is sourced naturally from the earth.
  • Limestone slabs have many possible applications including walls, floors, stairs, fireplaces, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can also complement your outdoor entertainment areas with limestone slab flooring.

Your Premium Limestone Supplier

Art Of Marble is committed to sourcing the highest quality premium limestone from the best quarries around the world. It is our pride and joy to empower our clients to create their own original majestic designs with premium natural stone slabs.

As stone suppliers with many years of experience, we’re constantly exploring new ways to take advantage of the remarkable and unique qualities of natural limestone stone. So our team is more than capable of providing assistance or inspiration for your projects. 

Transform your dream design into a reality with the help of Art of Marble. Visit us in Moorebank, Sydney and explore all the different possibilities natural stone can offer for your project – contact us now to reserve an appointment at our showroom. 

For a better understanding of Art Of Marble, visit our FAQs page and explore.

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