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                                             Natural Stone Vanities and Basins

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of elegance and luxury with the unique beauty of natural stone. Our stone slabs provide the perfect foundation for creating sophisticated stone vanities and basins that will elevate your bathroom.

Our team can assist you with finding the natural stone slab to create: stone floating vanities, stone vanity tops, countertop basins, semi-recessed basins, inset basins, or stone basin vanities. 

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Marble Bathroom Centrepieces

Marble has a beautiful and timeless charm, oozing sophistication wherever it is installed. Having a marble bathroom basin or vanity is the perfect way to give your bathroom a high-end feeling. Especially as bathrooms are a place of high use, this is where looks matter most. 

Indulge in the endless elegance of marble with our marble stone slab collection. Create marble basins and vanities in your bathroom that effortlessly infuse your sanctuary with a touch of opulence and refinement.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Marble Basins

  • Usher in contemporary softness with a round Carrara Marble countertop basin
  • Create a rectangle black marble basin paired with matte black faucets for an industrial sleek look
  • Choose Verde Alpi Marble to add some colour and drama to your bathroom 

Marble Vanities

  • Use a Calacatta Marble vanity top to add some interest to a white bathroom 
  • Add some contrast with Nero Marquina Marble to create a focal point

Types of Natural Stone that Emulate Marble

Expand your range of options for a marble bathroom with Art of Marble’s collection of other natural stones that emulates marble’s rare beauty. Granite, Dolomite and Quartzite often share ingrained textures similar to the veining found in marble. 

Choose to create a basin and vanity from the same stone in Granite, Dolomite or Quartzite to create a seamless elegant look. 

You can also find more unique options that help you dream up your own unique personal statement in your bathroom in this collection, with stone slabs you may not have seen before. 

Create a Warm or Cool Feeling in your Bathroom 

Explore other options for a natural stone basin or vanity for your bathroom with Limestone, Travertine, and Onyx. 

Cream Stone Bathroom

A warm and creamy bathroom look is popular for those who crave a soothing sanctuary to retreat to in the morning and at the end of the day. Travertine makes a popular choice for a warm beige stone vanity and basin, with a linear wood-like grain. As a similar stone, you can also try limestone for softer and more dispersed patterns. 

Grey Coastal Cool 

For an alternative style, choose a grey stone to create a raw stone-like look in your bathroom. Grey limestone works wonderfully as a sitting basin for a minimalistic aesthetic.

Onyx Basin

Rainbow onyx warms up any area with the dynamic beauty and personality of a jewel. Create an avant-garde statement in your bathroom with an onyx basin as the centrepiece of your bathroom vanity. 

Book a Visit at our Showroom

You can always drop by to look at our stone slabs for basins and vanities in person, however, we’re able to give you a better experience with more support when you book. 

Contact us with the products you are interested in, or your design goals, and we will take you through the most suitable options for your project. 

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