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                                                   Natural Stone Stairs

Art of Marble takes great pride in our ability to empower our clients to create stunning works of art in even the most minimalistic of environments. No design element embodies this philosophy more than natural stone steps. The beauty and elegance of natural stone truly has the power to transform any staircase, both indoors and out. Find breathtaking stone slabs to fabricate bespoke stairs. 

Let our collection inspire you to create the natural stone steps of your dreams. 

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Take Elevating Designs to New Heights

Our mission at Art of Marble is to help you elevate your space, with the profound beauty and sophistication of natural stone. 

Find your canvas in marble, limestone, or granite, and create your masterpiece; natural stone slab steps or step treads and risers that make your spaces more functional and elegant. 

Marble Stairs

Marble stairs are resilient and have an aura of beauty that has been admired for thousands of years, making them a timeless symbol of elegance. Marble’s unique patterns and hues lend an undeniable air of sophistication to any home by acting as a showpiece or simply blending into the decor. Find a range of colours and designs for your marble staircase, choosing from options like timeless Calacatta marble steps or black marble stairs for a look of industrial chic. 

Limestone Stairs

If you’re craving a welcoming and cosy atmosphere in your home, limestone stairs may be just what you need. The soft natural texture and earthy tones of limestone exude a warmth and charm that other materials just can't quite capture, which is why limestone is such a popular option for cream stone stairs. Our limestone steps come in various styles and colours to help you find exactly what you need, whether you're crafting an indoor or outdoor space.

Granite Stairs

Granite steps are timeless. Granite adds durability and strength to stair designs in both spaces indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for inspiration, it is impossible to go wrong with a classic statement like black granite stairs. Our exquisite selection of granite stone for stairs presents you with endless possibilities within a diverse range of styles and colours to create your ideal staircase. 

Travertine Stairs

Travertine stairs bring the natural beauty of the Mediterranean wherever it’s installed. Travertine boasts unique patterns and hues that give it a welcoming, rustic or traditional ambience. Travertine steps offer a versatile solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces, adding a touch of contemporary elegance. It is often used as steps leading to a swimming pool with travertine surround due to its natural non-slip textured surface

Dolomite Stairs

Dolomite stairs provide a cool and coastal aesthetic with a marble like appearance. Available in shades of white and grey, dolomite exhibits pronounced soft wispy veins. Not only does it offer a weather-resistant option suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, but it also complements various design styles. 

Quartzite Stairs 

Filled with unique options for design and colour, quartzite stone stairs provide an incredible option to create a modern and unique statement at home. Envision green, pink or Taj Mahal Quartzite leading up a spiral staircase to a beautiful upper floor. Quartzite stairs are both an option for inside or outside your home. 

Book a Showroom Tour

If a few natural stone steps have captured your eye, the next step is seeing and learning about them in person.

Contact the team of Art of Marble to arrange a guided tour and one of our staff will walk you through the types of slabs you are curious about. We will prepare your stone slabs of interest, along with some others that may also suit your goals. 

Art of Marble is a trusted supplier of natural stone steps near you. With our great eye for detail and design, we’ll assist you in bringing your dream to life. 

New unique stone delivery every month!

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visit the showroom
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