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Natural Stone Splashbacks

                                        Natural Stone Splashbacks

Natural stone is renowned for its raw natural beauty and strength. Every natural stone splashback adds rich character and elegance to your kitchen with its unique and durable composition.

Choose from a wide range of stone splashbacks for your kitchen with our iconic collection

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Stunning Splashbacks Made from Natural Stone

If you want to create something special and beautiful that will last, you will love our collection of elegant natural stone slabs. With our broad range, we have a variety of stone slab designs to provide the right choice for everyone. 

Marble Splashback

Marble quickly elevates any area it is installed. Marble is iconic in a white base and grey veining, where it has often become the stone of choice for those who want a luxurious, modern and crisp aesthetic. However marble is available in not just white and grey, but in a multitude of colours for creating elegantly unique and bespoke masterpieces in your kitchen. A marble splashback seamlessly adds interest, without being too loud. So that the overall design looks and feels fresh and subtly sophisticated. 

With the variety of colour and choice in this stone, kitchen splashback in marble comes with many creative options for your kitchen’s appearance.

Dolomite Splashback

Dolomite emulates marble’s iconic appearance but with an added level of hardiness that’s perfect for the kitchen. Where marble has a look of softness with its fine crystallisation, dolomite has a hard look and composition with more designs and patterns in shades of stone grey. 

Quartz Splashback

Quartzite is renowned for the wide variety of colours, patterns and designs it is available in. Quartzite provides a hard-wearing and more heat-resistant option for marble patterns. Quartzite splashbacks can also have more swirls, more colour and more drama, making them an excellent choice for homeowners looking to express themselves with something striking and unique. 

Granite Splashback

Granite is famous for its solid and robust durability in a dark stone slab. Against common belief, granite also offers a wide range of breathtaking lacquered designs. Some popular colour combinations for granite splashbacks include a dark base of colour with white and gold veining; or predominantly in light grey with a lot of rugged, contrasting veining. 

Limestone Splashback

Limestone’s oceanic origins bring a cooling coastal touch to any kitchen. Choose a limestone splashback for rolling gradient textures. It holds a versatile charm with an aesthetic that can seamlessly integrate into any traditional, classic, rustic, or modern theme. Its raw elements can also bring out more of the warm woody notes in your kitchen. 

Travertine Splashback

Travertine in a creamy beige is an excellent choice for creating a warm and refined aesthetic in your kitchen. Installing a travertine splashback can help to achieve a subdued, polished appearance on the walls while highlighting the beauty of your kitchen cabinets and other wooden features. 

Onyx Splashback

A LED-backlit onyx splashback is an exquisite choice for the homeowner with a taste for the finer things. Onyx adds a distinctive artistic touch with its vivid patterns and splashes of colour that immediately draw attention to your kitchen. Backlighting an onyx splashback is also a popular choice, with a look reminiscent of floating rivers of gold.

Your Premium Stone Supplier for Kitchen Splashbacks

Our team at Art of Marble are dedicated to providing you, our esteemed clientele, with the high-quality stone slabs you need to bring stunning creations to life. 

If you’re ready to get started, contact us to book a visit to see these stone slabs in person at our showroom. 

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