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                                           Natural Stone Benchtops 

Investing in a natural stone kitchen benchtop is investing in sophistication and functionality that lasts. Stone benchtops offer a durable, hardwearing and robust surface to support your efforts in the kitchen. The natural elements in each and every natural stone benchtop also mean that you are always getting a unique, one-of-a-kind asset that cannot be replicated.

Explore our curated collection of stone products to create a breathtaking benchtop to elevate your kitchen. 

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Create The Perfect Natural Stone Benchtop For Your Kitchen 

Art of Marble presents you with many options to choose from to express your personality and own flavour of elegance:

Marble Benchtops

For a genuinely opulent option, consider a marble benchtop. Its soft, gleaming appearance and rippling veins allow any benchtop made from marble to seamlessly fit within the popular theme of the white modern kitchen. Black marble benchtops also provide an option for a highly polished and bold statement.

Dolomite Benchtops

Dolomite is similar to marble, with white and grey rippling designs that have earned the stone its second name: Hard Marble. A dolomite benchtop beautifully brings to life the beauty of marble-like textures on a harder-wearing surface. 

Quartzite Benchtops

A quartzite benchtop offers a high-end, sophisticated look. Quartzite comes in a wide range of options and colours: from neutral creams, beige, white, grey and black to vivid and beautiful blues, greens and pinks, so you can truly achieve a wide variety of looks.

Granite Benchtops

A granite benchtop is a classic in the kitchen. Granite is timeless, presenting a luxurious look with its strong and bold appearance. The grey or black stone is also incredibly durable and resistant to heat, scratches, and stains, making it an ideal choice in a kitchen that will need to withstand heavy usage. 

Limestone kitchen Benchtops 

Limestone kitchen benchtops offer a more understated elegance with their natural, muted colour variations. Limestone is available in subtle, seamless patterns in beige and grey. A limestone benchtop provides long-lasting durability and beauty that can make any kitchen stand out, particularly when completed with a honed finish.

Travertine Kitchen Benchtops

This stone’s natural subtle veining makes it a brilliant choice for those looking for an inviting, softer touch. A creamy beige travertine benchtop helps create a warmer environment that can be paired with whites, light timber and plants to create a natural oasis feeling in your kitchen. 

Your Premium Stone Supplier for Kitchen Benchtops

If you’re ready to start your journey to a breathtaking natural stone kitchen, please contact us to book a visit to see these stone slabs in person at our showroom. 

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