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The beauty of Onyx is derived from its translucent properties, imbuing spaces where it is installed with an air of elegance and distinction.

Onyx is a natural stone that has been used for centuries in interior design. One of its main characteristics is that this semiprecious stone adds light to spaces through its translucent veins. 

Art Of Marble is the top Onyx supplier in Australia, as we are dedicated to providing exclusive and unique slabs of natural stones. 

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The Beauty of Onyx Stone In Interior Design

Onyx comes from crystalline substances from volcanic springs and it has a wide variety of benefits in interior design. Choosing this sophisticated natural stone can offer; 

  • An elegant appearance to any space as their patterns are unique and can create a striking visual effect.

  • Creatively bring light to a space, through the translucent quality that allows the light to pass through it. Onyx creates a breathtaking and unique lighting effect when the stone is backlit. The light passes through the stone’s veins and highlights its natural patterns and colours to create a stunning impact. This effect can add an overall warmth and sense of avant garde to any space, creating more invigorating environments.
  • Onyx is a resistant, hard and durable stone, making it a long-lasting option in design.

  • Onyx is very versatile, with a wide range of applications in any home. The natural stone comes in an endless variety of colours with unique patterns and veining that make each piece of Onyx one-of-a-kind. 

The wide variety of options available in our range allow designers to craft a unique and modern aesthetic for any setting, seamlessly complementing and enhancing other decorative elements

Onyx Slab: An Indoor Marvel 

As one of the most beautiful and striking natural stones for interior design, Onyx enhances the environment. Its range of colours makes it an asset for either bringing out more personality in a space or adding extra detail to elevate an interior design.

Onyx stands out as one of the most favoured choices in natural stone for interior design and decor, with its incredible applications:


In bedrooms Onyx can give a touch of originality and freshness, bringing rooms to life with dynamic patterns and colours.


As a feature wall in your living room, Onyx creates a warm and cosy atmosphere while maintaining an overall high-end atmosphere. 


Onyx in bathrooms will create a luxurious feel, as onyx transmits style and elegance. It's the perfect choice to give a new aesthetic to bathroom walls with emerging yet subtle evolutions of colour.


Another popular application is an Onyx stone benchtop splashback, making your kitchen more sophisticated and stylish. Onyx is renowned as benchtop splashbacks and island counters; backlighting showcases the unique translucent patterns in the stone in often beautiful rivers of gold. . 

Art Of Marble, your Trusted Partner for Natural Stone

Onyx is a remarkable choice if you are looking for a lasting luxurious touch, and if you need Onyx slabs in Sydney, we are the supplier for you. 

At Art Of Marble, our commitment is to deliver top-notch natural stone slabs that perfectly suit your needs whenever you require stone. We are committed to ensuring that all of our natural stone comes from only trusted partners within some of the best quarries around the world, who hold a strong commitment to quality throughout the extraction process.

If you are looking for onyx slabs for sale, we invite you to contact us and we will gladly help you find a stone for your next natural stone project. 

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