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Super White Dolomite

                                             Super White Dolomite

Super White Dolomite is famous for its cool and smokey textures. Pairing practical longevity with soft, seamless and textured elements, it’s no wonder this natural stone has come to be beloved in so many contemporary interior designs.

Our collection of Super White Dolomite slabs at Art of Marble will bring a fresh breath of air into your interiors or exteriors. 

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Super White Dolomite’s Variety Of Uses

Dolomite in Super White exudes a sense of sophistication and mysterious wonder with its predominantly white base and soft, stormy wisps of grey and black. Its rich marble-like appearance often contains more depth and texture than marble in its exquisite natural designs. 

As such, many designers love using Super White Dolomite as a marble alternative to creating a marble look in any living space with some extra durability. 

Using a Super White Dolomite with deeper greys helps complement the darker notes in your kitchen. It is an excellent way to achieve a more masculine and worldly look to your living spaces, while keeping the overall appearance tasteful and elegant. Lighter Super White Dolomite will also pair perfectly with white and pale wood cabinets to create an airy contemporary feel. 

Whether you’re looking to create a minimalistic interior design or a maximalist statement, Super White Dolomite has both a dreamy sense of seamlessness and a striking personality that lends it well to creating many beautiful multi-dimensional designs.

These are just a few ideas to get you started on thinking about what’s possible:

In the kitchen
  • Pair a Super White Dolomite counter (top and surrounds) with a matching splashback for an undeniably swish look in your kitchen
  • Add white cabinets to complement these accents for an overall modern airy aesthetic
  • Choose black kitchen cabinets instead and add silver handle accents for a darker, sleeker look
  • Add underlighting Super White Dolomite counter for some extra glamour
In the bathroom
  • A Super White Dolomite bathroom (walls and floors) beautifully emulates a marble look with less maintenance
  • Hire a stonemason to create your own bespoke bathroom counter and/or basin
In the Office Lobby
  • A Super White office reception counter exudes professionalism and success with bold luxurious accents
In the Living Room
  • A Super White dolomite fireplace and mantle create a commanding focal point in your living room in the winter
  • Adorn your living room with luxurious appeal with a Super White statement wall and matching living room floors. Add silver or gold accents to your furniture and lighting to complete the effect.

Super White Dolomite’s Advantages

Super White offers a lot of benefits to your interiors:

  • Ideal for a variety of applications, including kitchen countertops, flooring, wall cladding, fireplace surrounds, vanity tops, and shower walls
  • Similar to marble
  • Super white dolomite is less expensive than many varieties of marble
  • Super white is durable and resistant to stains, scratches, and water damage
  • It’s heat-resistant, making it perfect for kitchen countertops and fireplace surrounds
  • Our Super White Dolomite is expertly sourced and inspected to ensure that it meets rigorous standards for quality and durability

Your Premium Super White Dolomite Supplier 

At Art of Marble, we are proud to supply premium Super White Dolomite that enriches our clients' interior designs. Hear from our past clients what we have helped them achieve. 

Our buyers search far and wide for quarries that hold the most breathtaking patterns and reliable hard wearing surfaces in natural stone. We also only partner with quarries that we trust for their attention to detail and quality. 

Art of Marble can be your partner for your next Super White Dolomite Project. Book an appointment and visit our showroom to get started. 

Learn more here about natural stone and how we operate. 

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