Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our stones, care instructions, and the purchase process.

Art of Marble is a premium stone supplier, experts at sourcing exclusive luxury natural stone. We focus our efforts on supplying the best materials, and we let you select the fabricator best suited to your specific design. This means we do not offer fabrication or installation services. However, from our extensive industry experience, we can recommend many talented stone masons that we regularly work with. We can also supply custom orders of exotic stone varieties on request.

All of our current stock is on display at our stone gallery located at 11 Yulong Close, Moorebank, Sydney

You are welcome to visit Art of Marble stone gallery anytime during our business hours. However, if it is possible to make an appointment we recommend doing so. This means we are able to prepare some of the stone types you are interested in and assign a sales employee, to minimise waiting times so we may serve you more efficiently.

Art of Marble is ready to ship your new natural stone slab as soon as you have chosen it, the installation period then depends on your chosen stone mason or fabricator.

Our stone can be used for a variety of purposes, including as wall panels and shower panels. However, “natural stone” incorporates many different types of stone with varying levels of density, weight, and durability so it is always important to do your research to be certain that your desired stone is the best fit for its intended application.

No – we sell whole slabs. The square foot pricing noted on our website is for reference only.

Your marble can be easily polished or restored as often or as little as you require. Most spills that leave a light discolouration on the stone can be easily fixed without professional help, by using an effective cleaning solution and acting in a timely manner. Re-sealing the stone regularly will also help to maintain its ability to repel staining liquids.

Regular resealing is an important part of maintaining your natural stone. We recommend that you reseal all stone applications every 12 months, this includes bench tops, flooring and wall panels.

Marble has been used for thousands of years. In many cases, the statues and buildings made of marble far outlast the ancient cultures that built them. A simple, regular maintenance program will keep marble looking beautiful for the life of your project.

Every slab differs in size and weight, however the average slab of natural stone weighs 60 kg per square metre.

Depending on the quantity of the shipment, we are usually able to deliver within 48hrs for orders in the Sydney Metro area.

Resealing stone is important to ensure it is protected against staining. Without this added protection, your stone is more likely to sustain permanent and more noticeable damage over time.

Other than resealing, we recommend using ordinary surface protectors such as coasters and placemats where possible. When cooking, always use a cutting board, especially when dealing with acidic foods such as lemons that may discolour the stone. If there are spills on the stone, make sure to clean them in a timely manner.

Etching is the erosion damage that occurs when the natural stone comes into contact with acidic substances including citrus, wine, tomatoes, alcohol and some types of juice. Staining refers to the discolouration of stone when a pigmented substance is absorbed and trapped beneath the surface.

The three most popular finish options in our warehouse are; polished, honed (matte), and leathered. We receive the slabs pre-finished from the quarries, and it is up to the client if they would like their fabricator to refinish their purchased slab.

“Bookmatched” slabs describe the mirroring effect that occurs when two adjoined pieces of stone have reversed patterns. The term refers to its likeness to an opened book.

Natural stone slabs are typically cut to a 20mm thickness, however we do occasionally stock some varieties in 30 mm. It is important to confirm the size of your specific slab of interest.