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                                                   Leathered Stone Finish

Each variety of natural stone possesses its own distinct characteristics and texture, and this uniqueness extends to different types of finishes as well. An exceptional example is the rare leathered stone finish, which combines the captivating lustre of a polished finish with a textured surface that accentuates the individual grain patterns found within each stone slab.

Step into luxury with a dark leathered stone from our meticulously curated collection at Art of Marble.

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Art of Marble’s Leathered Stone Collection 

Not every type of stone is available in a leathered finish, but for those that are, there is something about these surfaces that is breathtaking and special to behold.

Black leathered granite offers multidimensional interest with dark, mesmerising detail for flooring, accent walls, stairs, counters and fireplaces. The cut of a leathered finish gives multiple dimensions to add extra shimmer and interest to your interior designs.

There are also other options in our range of leathered granite, quartzite and other species of natural stone. Leather finish granite offers a range of both lighter and darker colours and patterns to act as a focal point. Leathered quartzite also adds a beautiful added texture to its prominent and dynamic patterns. 

Our great range of leathered natural stone offers you an array of options to inspire and realise your dream designs. 

What is a Leathered Finish 

A leathered stone finish has a soft sheen with a raised, bumpy texture. This is achieved by first honing the stone by grinding it down to an even surface before running an abrasive diamond-tipped brush across the stone to give the stone these iconic characteristics.

When to use a Leathered Stone Finish

Use a leathered stone finish for flooring, high-traffic areas and places where you are looking to make a statement with patterns and texture.

Art of Marble has a wide range of colours, designs and patterns in our selection, so you can find leathered stone for your applications that match your personality and preference.

Leathered vs Honed Finish

A leathered stone finish has greater depth of texture and shine than a honed finish which instead provides a more even and matte finish. Both a leathered or honed finish can be an excellent anti-slip option for flooring or a design option for a rustic look. 

Leathered vs Polished Finish

A leathered stone has some of the sheen that designers love about a polished finish but it doesn’t have the same smoothness of surface. Polished finished natural stone has a higher mirror-like finish and a more even surface in comparison to a leathered finish’s dimpled texture.

Leathered vs Brushed Finish

A leathered finish and brushed finish share the same process but have a different overall look. Leathered finishes have raised bumps and smoothed-out grooves, while brushed finishes have a rougher natural look that still feels smooth to the touch.

Art of Marble: The Experts in Natural Stone

Become a stone finish connoisseur and learn more the nuances of a leathered stone finish. Our team of industry experts at Art of Marble are passionate about the beauty, strength and versatility abundant in natural stone and can help you in fulfilling your stone supply requirements. 

Search our collection for beautiful finishes in marble, dolomite, travertine, limestone, and onyx

Book a guided tour at our showroom for more in-depth information about the leathered finish stones in our collection that are of interest to you.

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