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                                                     Honed Stone Finish

Honed stone provides a soft, velvet finish on evenly cut surfaces. Indulge in a honed stone finish  for high-traffic areas for resistance against slipping in the rain, or on your kitchen countertop to easily hide small scratches. Our team at Art of Marble is dedicated to curating the finest collection of marble, dolomite, quartzite and more in this versatile finish. Explore our honed stone collection today to bring your vision to life. 

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What is a Honed Stone Finish 

A honed stone finish is achieved by evenly grinding down a natural stone slab with a machine, which gives the surface a seamless, matte finish. Honing a stone enhances its natural colour and dilutes its shine. 

Where to use a Honed Stone Finish

Honed natural stone has a more tactile, satin-like finish. This makes it an excellent choice for flooring, staircases, and stone applications outdoors that could use some extra grip. It also makes a great choice of finish for natural stones with an understated but elegant character (for example, see our honed taj mahal quartzite). 

Honed travertine, limestone and granite are our suggestions for external use. You can use them to fabricate columns, pathways and tiles in your front yard, backyard or around the pool. 

Honed vs Polished Finish

Where a honed surface has a matte-like look and feel, a polished finish has a smooth, and high mirror-like shine. A polished finish brings out the full shine of a stone which gives interiors a luxurious and contemporary touch.

Honed vs Leathered Finish

A honed and leathered finish both provide some options for interior designers and homeowners looking for texture. While a honed stone brings a fine velvet texture, a leathered finish offers a bumpy but shinier look. Leathered finishes give interiors both some of the beautiful natural texture and shines available in stone. 

Honed vs Brushed Finish

Similar to a leathered finish, a brushed finish offers another choice for those looking for some interesting texture. Compared to a honed stone’s soft matte surface, a brushed finish provides more linear details in the stone which is achieved by brushing down slabs with a steel comb. 

Art of Marble’s Honed Stone Collection 

A honed finish looks beautiful in many applications calling for a natural stone. Use honed and filled travertine for timeless and historical-looking architectural slabs for buildings, pathways, fireplaces or staircases that boast symbolic importance. 

Honed granite also provides a great rustic touch that lets designs achieve a traditional look for a kitchen countertop. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to create more modern designs, you can use a honed marble finish to realise an airy and contemporary aesthetic in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and foyers.  

The design possibilities for your interiors are endless with our carefully curated collection for honed finish stone at Art of Marble.

Art of Marble: The Experts in Natural Stone

Ask our team for more assistance and support in realising your bespoke stone creations. We’ll guide you through our carefully curated selection of stone with all the important details you need to make an informed choice on your interior design. 

Book an appointment today to tour our showroom and let us know what stone slabs interest you. 

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