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                                                    Polished Stone Finish

Indulge in the refined allure of a polished stone finish, an exquisite choice that effortlessly enhances the beauty of your surfaces. This sophisticated technique involves skillfully using abrasive materials to gradually fashion a flawlessly smooth and reflective surface. The glossy allure of a polished stone finish is a visual masterpiece, captivating onlookers and showcasing the inherent splendour of natural colours and patterns within the stone. 

Polished stone is versatile and adaptable. Use them to effortlessly complement both traditional and contemporary design styles. Explore our captivating array of polished stone and get inspired for your design projects. 

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Art of Marble’s Polished Stone Collection

Explore an exquisite selection of polished natural stone. Whether you are looking for a classic polished marble, sleek granite, or a striking quartzite with maximum shine, you can find it in this collection. 

Each stone in our offering is carefully chosen for its exceptional characteristics and unique charm.

What is a Polished Finish?

Polished finishes are renowned for their high shine and wet appearance. A polished finishing process involves grinding and buffing a stone’s surface with progressively finer abrasives to achieve a smooth and reflective appearance. This finishing process removes imperfections to reveal a glossy finish that enhances the colours, patterns, and depth of the stone.

When to use a Polished Stone Finish

Polished stone is a popular choice for countertops, bathroom vanities, walls, feature walls, flooring and more for its sophisticated look. In addition to adding class to your interiors, a polished finish also creates surfaces that are more resistant to staining and easier to clean. 

Polished Marble Flooring

Create a palatial feeling that inspires awe in your guests with a polished marble floor in a foyer, living room or commercial event venue. Marble surfaces instantly imbue an airy elegance into any space they are installed.

Polished Granite Countertops

Granite is a beloved option for benchtops. Polished granite brings a touch of extravagance to your kitchen countertops, making it a great choice for those who love to entertain. 

Polished vs Honed Finish

Honed stone lacks the high gloss of a polished finish, but instead offers a more natural and subtle look. A honed matte finish is often preferred for areas where a softer and understated aesthetic is desired, such as bathroom floors or kitchen countertops. 

Polished vs Brushed Finish

Unlike a polished or honed finish, a brushed finish presents a unique texture for visual impact. Brushed finishes are achieved by brushing the stone's surface with stiff bristle brushes or abrasive pads, creating a slightly textured, weathered effect. This finish preserves the stone's natural colour and character while providing a higher tactile experience. 

Polished vs Leathered Finish

For those seeking an alternative to the high shine of a polished finish, a leathered finish can be a wonderful choice. A leathered finish is created by subjecting the stone's surface to intense heat and pressure, followed by a diamond-tipped brush that removes the softer portions of the stone. The result is a textured surface with a subtle sheen, resembling the texture of leather.

Consult the Experts in Natural Stone

At Art of Marble, we have a team of experts ready to guide you through our extensive collection of polished stone. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in a product or would like to request assistance with sourcing polished natural stone.

Search our collection for beautiful finishes in dolomite, travertine, limestone, and onyx

Book a tour of our showroom and let us assist you in sourcing the perfect natural stone for your bespoke creations. 

New unique stone delivery every month!

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